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THE RACE: Inaugural Mudsummer Classic

TRACK: Eldora Speedway

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race #10 of 22 for the 2013 season

Last Race: Iowa Speedway


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Race / Track Info

  • Race Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

  • Title Sponsor:Inaugural Mudsummer Classic
  • Start Time: 8:00pm/et
  • 2012 Winner: N/A
  • 2012 Pole: N/A
  • Track Layout: .5-mile oval
  • Length: 150 laps/60-50-40 segments/75 miles
  • Degree of Banking in Corners: 24 degrees
  • Degree of Banking on Straights: 8 degrees

Television Coverage/TV Team

  • TV: SPEEDtv

    Tuesday, July 23
    Practice: 7:00PM ET Wednesday, July 24
    Qualifying: Qualifying races begin LIVE at 7:00 PM ET
    NCWTS Setup / pre-race: 9:00 PM ET
    Race: 9:35 PM ET

  • In the Booth: Rick Allen, Phil Parsons, Michael Waltrip
  • Pit Reporters: Ray Dunlap, Hermie Sadler, Bob Dillner
  • Pre-race Host: Krista Voda

Radio Coverage

Event Schedule

    Tuesday, July 23
    4:30 PM 6:30 PM NCWTS PRACTICE
    7:00 PM 9:00 PM NCWTS PRACTICE

    Wednesday, July 24
    7:00 PM NCWTS 1ST QUALIFYING RACE (8 LAPS) followed by
    7:15 PM APPROX. NCWTS 2ND QUALIFYING RACE (8 LAPS) followed by
    7:30 PM APPROX. NCWTS 3RD QUALIFYING RACE (8 LAPS) followed by
    7:45 PM APPROX. NCWTS 4TH QUALIFYING RACE (8 LAPS) followed by
    8:00 PM APPROX. NCWTS 5TH QUALIFYING RACE (8 LAPS) followed by
    9:30 PM Invocation
    9:31 PM National Anthem
    9:35 PM NCWTS RACE (150 LAPS 60-50-40, 75 MILES)

RACE and links

  • Dillon wins Eldora: #39-Austin Dillon won the Inaugural Mudsummer Classic at Eldora Speedway Wednesday night, holding off second and third place finishers #30-Kyle Larson and #34-Ryan Newman following a green-white-checkered restart. The remainder of the top-10 were: #18-Joey Coulter, #62-Brendan Gaughan, #17-Timothy Peters, #54-Darrell Wallace, Jr., #88-Matt Crafton, #19-Dave Blaney, and #8-Max Gresham. There were six caution flags for 30 laps, and five lead changes among four drivers. Complete results are on the Eldora race results page (pdf).(7-24-2013)

  • Eldora Race Fast Facts:
    Austin Dillon(i) won the Inaugural Mudsummer Classic, his fifth victory in 53 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races.
    This is his first victory and first top-10 finish in 2013.
    This is his first victory and first top-10 finish in his first start at Eldora Speedway.
    Kyle Larson(i) (second) posted his first top-10 finish in his first start at Eldora Speedway. It is his second top-10 finish in 2013.
    Ryan Newman(i) (third) posted his first top-10 finish in his first start at Eldora Speedway.
    Darrell Wallace Jr. (seventh) was the highest finishing rookie.
    Matt Crafton leads the point standings by 48 points over Jeb Burton.
    (NASCAR Integrated Marketing)(7-24-2013)

  • Driver standings following Eldora:
    1) #88-Matt Crafton, 393
    2) #4-Jeb Burton, 345, -48
    3), #31-James Buescher, 342, -51
    4) #3-Ty Dillon, 337, -56
    5) #98-Johnny Sauter, 320, -73
    6) #17-Timothy Peters, 320, -73
    7) #62-Brendan Gaughan, 319, -74
    8) #29-Ryan Blaney, 319, -74
    9) #54-Darrell Wallace, Jr., 309, -84
    10) #32-Miguel Paludo, 308, -85
    See complete standings on the driver standings page (pdf).(7-24-2013)

  • Owner Standings following Eldora: are posted (pdf).(7-24-2013)



  • Last Chance Results (pdf)
  • Heat Five Results (pdf)
  • Heat Four Results (pdf)
  • Heat Three Results (pdf)
  • Heat Two Results (pdf)
  • Heat One Results (pdf)
  • Pit Stall Selections (pdf)

  • Schrader, Landers, Peters, Wallace, Burton win heats: #52-Kenny Schrader, #6-Jared Landers, #17-Timothy Peters, #81-Kenny Wallace and #4-Jeb Burton won the heat races, securing top-five starting spots. Brennan Newberry won the last chance race. The top-five finishers from that event earned a spot in the main event. Failed to qualify: #99-Bryan Silas, #68-Clay Greenfield, #44-JR Heffner, #10-Joe Cobb, #07-Jimmy Weller III. Starting lineup (pdf)(7-24-2013)

  • Heat race groups:
    Race 1:#52- Ken Schrader, #44-JR Heffner, #18-Joey Coulter ,#07-Jimmy Weller, #13-Tracy Hines, #19-Dave Blaney , #51-Scott Bloomquist
    Race 2:#6-Jared Landers, #32-Miguel Paludo, #88-Matt Crafton, #54-Darrell Wallace Jr., #84-Jeff Babcock, #54-Norm Benning, #60-Dakoda Armstrong
    Race 3:#17-Timothy Peters, #5-Jason Bowles, #68-Clay Greenfield, #62-Brendan Gaughan, #30-Kyle Larson, #9-Ron Hornday, #29-Ryan Blaney
    Race 4:#81-Kenny Wallace, #8-Max Gresham, #39-Austin Dillon, #31-James Buescher, #7-John Wes Townley, #24-Brennan Newberry, #10-Joe Cobb
    Race 5: #4-Jeb Burton, #98-Johnny Sauter, #34-Ryan Newman, #63-Justin Jennings, #99-Bryan Silas, #3-Ty Dillon, #77-German Quiroga

  • Schrader on pole for the Inaugural Mudsummer Classic at Eldora: #52-Ken Schrader earned the pole for the Inaugural Mudsummer Classic at Eldora Speedway on Wednesday, running a fast lap at 91.329 mph. #6-Jared Landers was second, followed by #17-Timothy Peters, #81-Kenny Wallace, #4-Jeb Burton, #44-JR Heffner, #32-Miguel Paludo, #5-Jason Bowles, #8-Max Gresham, and #98-Johnny Sauter in the top 10. Five qualifying races and a last chance race will determine the starting lineup. See complete results on the Qualifying results (pdf) page.(7-24-2013)

  • Eldora Qualifying Notes:
    Ken Schrader(i) won the Keystone Light Pole Award for the Inaugural Mudsummer Classic with a lap of 19.709 seconds, 91.329 mph.
    This is his second pole in 100 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races.
    This is his first pole and first top-10 start in 2013.
    Jared Landers (second) posted his first top-10 start of 2013 and his first in one races at Eldora Speedway.
    Timothy Peters (third) posted his first top-10 start at Eldora Speedway. It is his sixth in ten races this season.
    Jeb Burton (fifth) was the fastest qualifying rookie.
    Ken Schrader becomes the oldest pole winner in all three NASCAR national series at the age of 58; previous oldest pole winner was Dick Trickle at the age of 57.
    (NASCAR Statistics)(7-24-2013)

  • Qualifying Order (pdf)

  • Wallace fastest in final practice at Eldora: #54-Darrell Wallace, Jr. was fastest in thefinal practice session at Eldora Speedway on Wednesday. Wallace ran a fast lap at 89.820 mph. #13-Tracy Hines was second quick. The remainder of the top 10 were: #7-John Wes Townley, #77-German Quiroga, #31-James Buescher, #51-Scott Bloomquist, #88-Matt Crafton, #98-Johnny Sauter, #30-Kyle Larson, and #24-Brennan Newberry. See complete results on the Eldora practice 3 speeds page (pdf).(7-24-2013)

  • Dillon fastest in second practice at Eldora: #39-Austin Dillon was fastest during the second practice during the test day at Eldora Speedway on Tuesday night. Dillon had a top speed at 83.164 mph. #3-Ty Dillon was second. The remainder of the top-10 were: #30-Kyle Larson, #52-Ken Schrader, #13-Tracy Hines, #34-Ryan Newman, #19-Dave Blaney, #9-Ron Hornaday, Jr., #29-Ryan Blaney, and #4- Jeb Burton. See complete results on the Eldora practice 2 speeds page (pdf).(7-23-2013)

  • Larson fastest in first practice at Eldora: #30-Kyle Larson led the way in the first practice during the test day on the dirt at Eldora Speedway. Larson had a top speed at 91.626 mph. #19-Dave Blaney was second on the speed chart, followed by #29-Ryan Blaney, #39-Austin Dillon, #3-Ty Dillon, #62-Brendan Gaughan, #7-John Wes Townley, #51-Scott Bloomquist, #9-Ron Hornaday, Jr. and #60-Dakoda Armstrong. Multiple trucks spun during the session including John Wes Townley, Jeb Burton, Ron Hornaday Jr., Darrell Wallace, Jr., Max Gresham, and Bryan Silas. See complete results on the Eldora practice 1 speeds page (pdf).(7-23-2013)

  • Entry list: There are 36 trucks on the preliminary entry list for Wednesday's dirt race at Eldora Speedway. Only the top-20 in owner's points are locked in for this event.
    Notable entries include many standout dirt racers:
    Tracy Hines in the #13;
    Dave Blaney in the #19;
    Kyle Larson in the #30;
    Ryan Newman in the #34;
    Austin Dillon in the #39;
    JR Heffner in the #44;
    Scott Bloomquist in the #51
    Ken Schrader in the #52;
    Kenny Wallace in the #81;
    UPDATE: Joe Cobb is now listed as the driver of the #10.(7-19-2013)
    UPDATE 2: Jason Bowles will drive the #5 Chevy.(7-23-2013)
    UPDATE 3: Chris Jones has withdrawn.(7-23-2013)
    See the complete list on the Eldora Speedway entry list page

Goodyear Tire Notes

    NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race No. 10 CarCash Midsummer Classic Eldora Speedway (0.5-mile oval) Rossburg, Ohio Fast Facts for July 23-24, 2013

    Tire: Goodyear Wrangler Dirt Bias Ply

    Set limits: 6 sets for the event

    Number of Tires: Left-side - 600; Right-side - 600

    Tire Codes: Left-side - D-3004; Right-side - D-3006

    Tire Circumference: Left-side - 85.8 in. (2,179 mm); Right-side - 88.5 in. (2,248 mm)

    Technical Inspection Inflation: Left Front - 20 psi; Left Rear -- 20 psi; Right Front - 25 psi; Right Rear - 25 psi

    Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front - 18 psi; Left Rear - 18 psi; Right Front - 22 psi; Right Rear - 22 psi

    Notes: This being the first dirt track race in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series history, this is the first time teams have run either of these two Goodyear tire codes . . . there are three main differences between this tire set-up and the one that Camping World Truck teams "normally" run on asphalt ovals -- (1) these are bias ply tires, not radials, and are more compliant and able to envelope the irregularities of the dirt surface, (2) these tires have a block-style tread pattern to help evacuate the dirt, not a "slick" or smooth tread, and (3) this left-side tire (D-3004) is significantly shorter to build in more stagger between the left- and right-side tires . . . this tire is based on a dirt modified tire already in Goodyear Racing's tire line . . . the Eldora tire has been widened out to 11 inches (from 10 inches on the dirt modified tire) to give the trucks more grip . . . Goodyear ran two tests in preparation for this event . . . the first test, held at Eldora with Tony Stewart, Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon, was with the 10-inch-wide tire . . . the second test, held at 311 Speedway in Pine Hall, NC with Ty Dillon, was on the the 11-inch-wide tire . . . as on most NASCAR ovals one mile or less in length, teams will not run inner liners in their tires at Eldora.

  • Eldora tire developement a challenge for Goodyear: For Goodyear, the challenge of building tires for NASCAR is a diverse undertaking. Making safe and competitive tires as the exclusive supplier for NASCAR's top three national series means developing tires for race tracks ranging from one-half mile to 2.66 miles long, on concrete and asphalt, and surfaces as rough as a cheese grater and as smooth as glass. This season, with the Camping World Truck Series adding the dirt track of Eldora Speedway to the schedule, the challenge got even bigger. The inaugural "Mudsummer Classic," scheduled for Wednesday, July 24 at the half-mile track in Western Ohio, will be the first NASCAR national series race held on dirt in more than 40 years. But for Goodyear, who has been involved in a wide array of racing disciplines over the years, it was just a matter of dipping into the playbook and coming up with a solution. The new "Wrangler" tires that Goodyear will bring to Eldora for the Truck Series are based upon a dirt modified tire in its tire line. However, the NASCAR dirt tire has been widened to 11 inches (from 10 inches) to provide a larger contact patch with the track and give the trucks more grip. The two primary differences from the standard race tires run on ovals in NASCAR's top three series is that the Eldora tire will be a bias ply tire and feature a tread pattern. The bias ply tire construction is not as stiff as the radial tire used on paved NASCAR ovals, therefore it is more compliant and more able to envelope the irregularities of a dirt surface. As far as the tread, the Eldora tire features Goodyear's G23 pattern, which is a standard block pattern. It has grooves and biting edges to help evacuate dirt from underneath the tire, giving the trucks more grip. The tread compound itself is on the "softer" end of the spectrum, which will also help with grip. While the Eldora right-side tire will basically remain the same height as a NASCAR tire run on asphalt tracks, the left-side is a little shorter to build in more stagger, which will help the trucks turn better. For Goodyear, the tire development process started last October with a test on the 10-inch tire at Eldora with track owner and three-time Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart, former Camping World Truck Series champion Austin Dillon, and his brother and current Truck Series contender Ty Dillon. In addition to seeing how the tread pattern evacuated the dirt and the compound put down rubber, it was important that there were no clearance issues which could lead to the tires rubbing against the truck or its suspension parts. Once Goodyear produced the 11-inch tire, Ty Dillon went back to 311 Speedway, a dirt track in Pine Hall, NC. When everything checked out with that test, Goodyear had its Eldora tire.(Goodyear PR)(7-12-2013)

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series News & Notes

    Family Rivalries Spice NASCAR's Eldora Debut

    What better way to welcome NASCAR back to its dirt track roots than to throw in a couple of family rivalries for good measure? Wednesday's 1-800CarCash Mudsummer Classic at Eldora Speedway will feature a father racing his son and brother vs. brother.

    Dave and Ryan Blaney will face off for the first time in a NASCAR national series setting. The elder Blaney, who competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, joins his son, a Sunoco Rookie of the Year contender, in Brad Keselowski Racing Fords.

    Brothers Austin and Ty Dillon have squared off in the same arena from their days of youth baseball. Eldora's race marks just the fourth time they'll race together in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. They last raced together at Homestead, when Austin clinched the 2011 championship.

    Both are accomplished dirt track racers, competing on such tracks whenever they can.

    "For the first time in my life, my two worlds collide and I get to race on dirt and in my No. 3 Chevrolet," said Ty Dillon. "A lot of NASCAR fans will get to experience dirt racing for the first time."

    Wednesday's format is unique in current national series competition. Five eight-lap qualifying races and a last-chance event will set the 30-truck starting field with the top 20 owners guaranteed a position. The 150-lap, 75-mile race is broken down in three segments of 60, 50 and 40 laps.

    "It's going to be slick and these guys are going to be forced into a new style of driving," said Austin Dillon. "You're going to really have to work on forward drive and being smooth on the wheel."

    Dirt Track 'Ringer' Bloomquist Predicts Victory

    Scott Bloomquist has thrown down the gauntlet. "We are going to win the race," he said of Wednesday's truck debut at Eldora. "I've driven a lot of race cars - never a truck but it's still a race car,"

    And why not? Aptly named the "Dirtrax Dominator," Bloomquist has earned over 500 dirt late model victories in over 1,400 career starts. The 49-year-old Tennessee resident counts nine victories in the track's two crown jewel events including the 2013 Dirt Late Model Dream.

    Bloomquist will drive the No. 51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Toyota that currently stands second in NCWTS owner standings, 29 points behind ThorSport Racing's No. 88 Toyota driven by Matt Crafton. Kyle Busch snagged Bloomquist's services when the Eldora Speedway event was announced.

    "This is a race that is kind of a wild card and it could play a big factor in the race for the owner's championship this season," said Busch, a two-time winner in five starts this season.

    Bloomquist isn't the only "outsider" with designs on the Eldora victory. NASCAR Sprint Cup veteran Ken Schrader - a one-time NCWTS winner in 1995 - has won races on dirt in a heavy car. Schrader counts four ARCA dirt victories at Indianapolis and DuQuoin and Springfield, Ill.

    NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Etc.

    The Championship leader Matt Crafton admits to having trepidations entering this week's unique event. He's never so much as seen a picture of Eldora Speedway and has no dirt track experience. "I think you can circle in red three of the 13 races we have left - Eldora, the road course and Talladega - because those are the three crap-shoot races in which you just have to survive, survive, survive," he said. His lead over Jeb Burton is 38 points. ... NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty won the last NASCAR national series race contested on dirt on Sept. 30, 1970 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, a .5-mile track in Raleigh, N.C. ... This week's race marks Timothy Peters' 150th NCWTS start - coming 11 days after his sixth victory. Peters made his first appearance April 9, 2005 at Martinsville Speedway finishing 18th in a Dodge owned by 2004 series champion Bobby Hamilton.(NASCAR Integrated Marketing)(7-23-2013)

  • Additional Eldora Camping World Truck Series Race Info:
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