2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pit Crew Chart

NOTE: This is a totally unofficial page compiled by Jayski from many different sources.
I try to make it as complete as possible and update it as often possible.
Job titles are reported as teams list them on press releases or websites.

Updated 11-12-2014

JUMPS to each Team:
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    #1 Chip Ganassi Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Keith Rodden
    Chief Mechanic: Ryan Bergenty
    Spotter: Lorin Rainer
    Jack Man: Shane Wilson
    Fueler: Mike Metcalf
    Front Tire Changer: Daniel Kincaid
    Front Tire Carrier: Ben Fetzer
    Rear Tire Changer: Kenyatta Houston
    Rear Tire Carrier: Art Simmons
    Pit Crew Coach: Shaun Peet

    #2 Team Penske Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Paul Wolfe
    Car Chief: Jerry Kelley
    Engineers: Brian Wilson, Darcy Letourneau
    Vehicle Dynamics: Jonathan Hassler
    Spotter: Joey Meier
    Fueler: Nick Hensley
    Jackman: Braxton Brannon
    Front Tire Changer: Hunter Masling
    Front Tire Carrier: Jeremy Ogles
    Rear Tire Changer: DeWayne Ogles
    Rear Tire Carrier: Tyler Mitchell
    Shock Specialist: Chris Hill
    Engine Tuner: Mark Nickels
    Tire Specialist: Jim Davis
    Transport Drivers: Mike Williams, Michael Volgerson
    Mechanics: Nick Hensley, Scott Eldridge, Tim Whitaker
    Pit Crew Coach: Trent Cherry

    #3 [was #29] Richard Childress Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Gil Martin
    Car Chief: Chad Haney
    Spotter: Andy Houston
    Engineers: Grant Hutchens, Ryan Sparks
    Jackman: Jason Hunt
    Fueler: Bryan Smith
    Front Tire Changer: Jason Pulver
    Front Tire Carrier: Austin Craven
    Rear Tire Changer: Jeremy West
    Rear Tire Carrier: Josh Shiplett
    Shock Specialist: Michael Hodges
    Engine Tuner: Justin Adkins
    Tire Specialist: Andy Flynn
    Truck Drivers Dennis Gammons, Mark Williams
    Mechanics: Scott Brewer, Warren Brossel
    Pit Crew Coach: Eric Wilson

    #4 [was 39] Stewart Haas Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Rodney Childers
    Car Chief: Robert Smith
    Engineers: Billy Keubler, Michael Bugarewicz
    Spotter: Tim Fedewa
    Fueler: Tony Cardamone
    Jackman: Mike Casto
    Front Tire Changer: Ira Jo Hussey
    Front Tire Carrier: Todd Drakulich
    Rear Tire Changer: Daniel Smith
    Rear Tire Carrier: Mike "Shrek" Morneau
    Windshield: Aaron Kuehn
    Engine Specialist: Jereme Jackson
    Tire Specialist: Todd Chafee
    Shock Specialist: Michael McCarville
    Truck Drivers: Rick Hodges and Stephen Mitchell
    Second Gas Man: Jimmy Watts
    Fuel Runner: Jeffrey Kuhn
    Mechanics: Anthony Cardamone and Allen Mincey
    Pit Crew Coach: Joe Piette & Kevin Sharpe

    #5 Hendrick Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Kenny Francis
    Team Manager: Brian Whitesell
    Fueler: Chris Fasulka
    Jackman: Trey Burklin
    Front Tire Changer: Cory DeMarco
    Front Tire Carrier: Michael Oxendine
    Rear Tire Changer: Jeremy Fuller
    Rear Tire Carrier: Ben Fischbeck

    #9 Richard Petty Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Drew Blickensderfer
    Car Chief: Brian Dantinne
    Engineers: Jeff Labrecque, Derek Stamets
    Spotter: Tony Raines
    Fueler: Ryan Dextraze
    Jackman: Mike Brown (injured), Kevin Kramzer
    Front Tire Changer: Aaron Powell
    Front Tire Carrier: Joel Coronel
    Rear Tire Changer: Josh Frankos
    Rear Tire Carrier: Donnie Marvel
    Tire Specialist: Peter Visconi
    Shock Specialist: Ramon Zambrano
    Engine Tuner: Travis Alexander
    Interior Specialist: Brad Tunny
    Underneath Mechanic: Ryan Dextraze
    Truck Drivers: Jeff Neuendorf, Eric Moyer
    Pit Support: Mike Wright, Brandon Ouellette. Allen Tuttle
    Road Mechanic: Stephen Gonzalez

    #10 Stewart Haas Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Daniel Knost
    Car Chief: Pete White
    Engineers: Wes Gantt and Oliver Rivera
    Spotter: Brandon Benesch
    Jackman: Gabe Martin
    Fueler: Rick Pigeon
    Front Tire Changer: Eric Maycroft
    Front Tire Carrier: Jon Bernal
    Rear Tire Changer: Coleman Dollarhide
    Rear Tire Carrier: Dwayne Moore
    Engine Specialist: Jason Watkins
    Tire Specialist: Jeff Tucker
    Shock Specialist: Jimmy Rowlands
    Truck Drivers: Tony Sessions and John Murphy
    Mechanics: Steve Cantrell and Joey Elliott
    Fuel Runner: Devin DelRicco

    #11 Joe Gibbs Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Darian Grubb
    Car Chief: Wesley Sherrill
    Engineers: Mike Wheeler, Joshua Noll
    Spotter: Chris Lambert
    Fueler: Caleb Hurd
    Jackman: Kenneth Purcell
    Front Tire Changer: Dustin Necaise
    Front Tire Carrier: Brandon Pegram
    Rear Tire Changer: Mike Hicks
    Rear Tire Carrier: Heath Cherry
    Shock Specialist: Drew Bible
    Tire Specialist: Kerry Ferris
    Transporter Drivers: Jerry Hess, Frank Hodel
    Mechanics: Nick Fuller, John Furino
    JGR Athletic Director: Michael Lepp
    Pit Crew Coordinator: Paul Alepa

    #12 Team Penske Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Greg Erwin / Jeremy Bullins
    Car Chief: Corey Tucker
    Fueler: Chris Williams
    Jackman: Chris Conklin
    Front Tire Changer: Hunter Masling
    Front Tire Carrier: Devon Armstrong
    Rear Tire Changer: Dewayne Ogles
    Rear Tire Carrier: Andy Shehan
    Pit Crew Coach: Trent Cherry

    #14 Stewart Haas Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Chad Johnston
    Car Chief: Jeff Meendering
    Engineers: Chris Chidgey, Cliff Daniels
    Spotter: Bob Jeffrey
    Fueler: Justin White
    Jackman: Gery Cavitt, Jr.
    Front Tire Changer: Bryan Jacobsen
    Front Tire Carrier: Brett Morrell
    Rear Tire Changer: Jonathan Sherman
    Rear Tire Carrier: Josh Sobecki
    Windshield: Shane Church
    Pit Support/Fuel Runner: Ryan Flores
    Engine Specialist: David McClure
    Tire Specialist: Russell Simpson
    Shock Specialist: Dave Hansen
    Truck Drivers: Ken "Goldberg" Gober, Kirk George
    Mechanic: Cam Strader
    Pit Support/Fuel Runner: Keifer Phillips
    Pit Crew Coaches: Joe Piette Jr., Kevin Sharpe
    At Track PR Contact: Mike Arning

    #15 Michael Waltrip Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Brian Pattie
    Car Chief: Billy Curwood
    Engineers: Dax Garringer, Tim O'Brien
    Spotter: Brett Griffin
    Fueler: Evan Marchal
    Jackman: Brian Chase
    Front Changer: Terry Spaulding
    Front Carrier: Alan Steele
    Rear Changer: Lee Cunningham
    Rear Carrier: PJ Briody
    Tire Specialist: Drew Beason
    Shock Specialist: Adam Cooke
    Engine Tuner: Gregg Huls
    Engine Engineer: Chris Valverde
    Interior: Chris Sherwood
    Front Mechanic: J.D. Frey
    Rear Mechanic: Travis Stock
    Truck Drivers: Jeff Shano & Ray Erwin

    #16 Roush Fenway Racing Crew Roster "the Pit Bulls"
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Matt Puccia
    Car Chief: Ritchie Letendre
    Engineers: Ryan Rutzinski, Ben Beshore
    Spotter: Joel Edmonds
    Fueler: Justin Reissmann
    Jackman: Sean Meckelson
    Front Tire Changer: Houston Stamper
    Front Tire Carrier: Bryan Huitt
    Rear Tire Changer: Curtis Thompson
    Rear Tire Carrier: Justin Edgell
    Engine Tuner: Justin Hines
    Tire Specialist: Alex Cunningham
    Shock Specialist: Billy Manchester
    Chassis Mechanic: Jason Overstreet
    Driveline Mechanic: Alan Buzze
    Interior Mechanic: Wesley Lape
    Truck Drivers: Dwayne Zirkle, Rick Testerman
    Pit Support: Kevin Doebler, Ben Surface, Dale Hoffman, David Meade
    Public Relations: Nancy Padula

    #17 Roush Fenway Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Mike Kelley
    Car Chief: Patrick Magee
    Spotter: Mike Herman Jr.
    Engineer: Julian Pena, Tyler Nelson
    Fueler: Josh Pech
    Jackman: Richie Williams
    Front Tire changer: Cory Baldwin
    Front Tire Carrier: Alan Troutman
    Rear Tire Changer: Kale Uphoff
    Rear Tire Carrier: Brad Sutton
    Engine Tuner: Jonathan Salmans
    Tire Specialist: Cesar Villanueva Jr.
    Shock Specialist: Dave Stillman
    Pit Support: Preston Scruggs, Tyler Hudson, Tyler Ingleston
    Truck Drivers: Scott Clodfelter, Pete Williams
    Front End Mechanic JT Lasky
    Underneath Mechanic: Kenneth Deguisto
    Mechanic: Chris Church
    PR: Andrea Perry

    #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Dave Rogers
    Car Chief: Jerry Cook
    Team Engineers: Steve Hoegler, Chris Gabehart
    Ride and Handling Engineer: Ron Denton
    Spotter: Tony Hirshman
    Fueler: Tom Lampe
    Jackman: Jeff Fender
    Front Tire Changer: Nick Odell
    Front Tire Carrier: Brad Donaghy
    Rear Tire Changer: Jake Seminara
    Rear Tire Carrier: Kenny Barber
    Engine Tuner: Dan Bajek
    Engine Specialist: Kirk Butterfield
    Tire Specialist: Jamie Turski
    TRD/EFI Specialist: Garth Grahame
    Truck Drivers: Jamie Price, Bob Hannigan
    Gas Runner/Pit Support: Greg Martin
    Pit Support: Jeff Koons
    Mechanics: Nate Bellows, Brandon Griffeth
    Interior Mechanic: Jason Clements
    Pit Support/Fuel: Dan Bajek
    At Track PR Contact: Bill Janitz
    Athletic Director: Michael Lepp
    Pit Coach: Paul Alepa

    #20 Joe Gibbs Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Jason Ratcliff
    Car Chief: Jason Shapiro
    Engineers: Mike Lorusso, Jacob Canter
    Spotter: Chris Osborne
    Jackman: Jason Tate
    Fueler: John Eicher
    Front Tire Changer: John Royer
    Front Tire Carrier: Joe Crossen
    Rear Tire Changer: Chris Taylor
    Rear Tire Carrier: Eric Groen
    Shock Specialist: Scott Myers
    Tire Specialist: Jerold Shires
    Engine Tuner: Mike Johnson
    EFI Specialist: Jarrad Egert
    Truck Drivers: Tom McCrimmon, Dennis Valverde
    Mechanics: Todd Foster, Jesse Sanders, Matt Sauer
    Pit Support: Bill Byrne, Alan Copley
    Pit Crew Coordinator: Paul Alepa
    JGR Athletic Director: Michael Lepp

    #22 Team Penske Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Todd Gordon
    Car Chief: Raymond Fox III
    Engineers: Miles Stanley
    Vehicle Dynamics: Alex Sinoyannis
    Spotter: Tab Boyd
    Fueler: Kellen Mills
    Jackman: Ray Gallahan
    Front Tire Changer: Thomas Hatcher
    Front Tire Carrier: Dylan Dowell
    Rear Tire Changer: Zach Price
    Rear Tire Carrier: Larry Robinett
    Shock Specialist: Hartwell Pritchett
    Engine Tuner: Carroll Luft
    Tire Specialist: Dave Nichols
    Truck Drivers: Greg Sorber, Tim Dixon
    Mechanics: Eric Bailey, Steve Williams, Daniel Lynch
    Pit Crew Coach: Trent Cherry

    #23 BK Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Competition Director: Mike Ford
    Generanl Manager: Rick Carpenter
    Crew Chief: Dave Winston
    Car Chief: Patrick Donahue
    Senior Engineer: Skip Pope
    Spotter: Clayt Spruell
    Jackman: Mark Janssen
    Fueler: Jacob Connolly
    Front Tire Changer: Justin Hopper
    Front Tire Carrier: TBA
    Rear Tire Changer: Caleb Hindes
    Rear Tire Carrier: Josh Houghton
    Tire Specialist: Mike Harrold
    Road Mechanics: Bill Mares, John Whaley
    Hauler Driver: Tim Taylor
    Pit Crew Coach: Gary Smith

    #24 Hendrick Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Alan Gustafson
    Car Chief: Josh Kirk
    Spotter: Eddie D'Hondt
    Fueler: Travis Gordon
    Jackman: Bailey Walker
    Front Tire Changer: Scott Brzozowski
    Front Tire Carrier: Dion Williams
    Rear Tire Changer: Chad Avrit
    Rear Tire Carrier: Gene Cornwell

    #27 Richard Childress Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Slugger Labbe
    Car Chief: Craig Smokstad
    Spotter: Stevie Reeves
    Engineers: Justin Alexander, James Small
    Jackman: Cary Wimbish
    Fueler: Matt Kreuter
    Front Tire Changer: Philip Norris
    Front Tire Carrier: Erik Pringle
    Rear Tire Changer: Aaron Smith
    Rear Tire Carrier: Ray Wright
    Engine Tuner: Chris Woodward
    Tire Specialist: Mason Jennings
    Shock Specialist: Kris McCabe
    Mechanics: Chad Tigert, John Frattura, Tim Ladyga
    Truck Drivers: Jeff Icenhour, Andy Taylor

    #31 Richard Childress Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Luke Lambert
    Car Chief: Darin Nestlerode
    Spotter: Jason Jarrett
    Engineers: Matt McCall, Phil Surgen
    Jackman: Adam Lewis
    Fueler: Cruz Gonzalez
    Front Tire Changer: Tim Sheets
    Front Tire Carrier: JD Holcomb
    Rear Tire Changer: Jake Lind
    Rear Tire Carrier: Brad Robison
    Shock Specialist: Wayne Smith
    Engine Tuner: Matt Lombardi
    Tire Specialist: Billy John
    Truck Drivers: Jeff Craven, James Nun
    Mechanics: Andy Kreup, Kyle Kelley, Travis Owens

    #34 Front Row Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Jay Guy
    Spotter: Keith Barnwell
    Jackman: Ike Snead
    Fueler: Josh Patch
    Front Tire Changer: Kevin Novak
    Front Tire Carrier: Matt Rawling
    Rear Tire Changer: David Lee Roth
    Rear Tire Carrier: Garrett Reding

    #38 Front Row Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Frankie Kerr
    Jackman: Joe So
    Fueler: Nick Cole
    Front Tire Changer: Justin Kirby
    Front Tire Carrier: Justin Rolfe
    Rear Tire Changer: Ben Steger
    Rear Tire Carrier: Michael Hubert

    #41 Stewart Haas Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Tony Gibson
    Car Chief: Kevin Pennell
    Engineers: Johnny Klausmeier and Mike Cook
    Spotter: Rick Carelli
    Jackman: Sean Cotten
    Fueler: James "Ace" Keener
    Front Tire Changer: Shane Pipala
    Front Tire Carrier: Jeff Shoaf
    Rear Tire Changer: Chris Winchell
    Rear Tire Carrier: Matthew Holzbaur
    Second Gas Man: Andrew Migliozzi
    Windshield: Jay Guarneri (also serves as interior mechanic)
    Engine Specialist: Stephen Raynor
    Tire Specialist: Jeff Zarrella
    Shock Specialist: Brian Holshouser
    Truck Drivers: Todd Cable and Rocky Boggs
    Mechanics: Shawn Warren & Andy Spenner
    Pit Crew Coaches: Joe Piette & Kevin Sharpe

    #42 Ganassi Earnhardt Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Chris Heroy
    Chief Mechanic: David Bryant
    Spotter: Derek Kneeland
    Jack Man: Mark Jacobs
    Fueler: Ed Watkins
    Front Tire Changer: Dennis Terry
    Front Tire Carrier: Aaron Schields
    Rear Tire Changer: Chris McMullen
    Rear Tire Carrier: Doug Riepe

    #43 Richard Petty Motorsports
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Trent Owens
    Car Chief: Greg Ebert
    Team Engineers: Marc Hendricksen, Jason Stockert
    Spotter: Tyler Green
    Fueler: Joe Karasinski
    Jackman: Kevin Wing
    Front Tire Changer: Greg Donlin
    Front Tire Carrier: Lance Hanna
    Rear Tire Changer: Kyle Power
    Rear Tire Carrier: James Houk
    Shock Specialist: Jeff Keller
    Tire Specialist: John Stewart
    Engine Tuner: Robert Brandt
    Truck Drivers: Jason Edison, Scott Robbins
    Interior Specialists Shannon McGlamery
    Underneath Mechanic: Kevin McDowell
    Pit Support: Kyle Stinson, Bobby Grant, Steve Payton
    Road Mechanic: Jason Sheets

    #47 JTG Daugherty Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Brian Burns
    Fueler: Tyler Rader
    Jackman: Michael Klein
    Front Tire Changer: Channing Filler
    Front Tire Carrier: AJ Heister
    Rear Tire Changer: Chuck Efaw
    Rear Tire Carrier: Dan Koozer
    Pit Crew Coach: Michael Klein
    Public Relations Director: Jennifer Chapple

    #48 Hendrick Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Chad Knaus
    Car Chief: Ron Malec
    Race Engineer: David Elenz
    Engineer: Pete Michel
    Spotter: Earl Barban
    Jackman: Andrew Childers
    Fueler: Brandon Harder
    Front Tire Changer: Camron Waugh
    Front Tire Carrier: R.J. Barnette
    Rear Tire Changer: Calvin Teague
    Rear Tire Carrier: Ryan Patton
    Pit Crew Coaches: Greg Morin and Lance Munksgard

    #51 HScott Motorsports
    Crew Chief: Steve Addington
    Car Chief: Pierre Keuttel
    Engineers: Jonathan Bowen
    Spotter: Rocky Ryan
    Shock Specialist: Clay Alexander
    Tire Specialist: Kyle Louchart
    Engine Tuner: Howard Shipwash
    Interior Specialist:Jamie Edwards
    Mechanics: Ronnie Griffin and Mark O'Donnell
    Truck Driver: Mike Clemenston

    #55 Michael Waltrip Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Billy Scott
    Car Chief: Steve Channing
    Engineers: Brandon Pope, Joe Bisson
    Spotter: Roman Pemberton
    Fueler: Jeff Kerr
    Jackman: Wes Evans
    Front Changer: Ryan Langley
    Front Carrier: Chris Hall
    Rear Changer: Shannon Myers
    Rear Carrier: Blake Haugland
    Tire Specialist: Kevin White
    Engine Tuner: Denny Chandler (TRD)
    Engine Engineer: Tim Bruce
    Shock Specialist: Jeremy Sharpley
    Truck Drivers: Glenn Shano & Al Nelson
    Front Mechanic: Jacen Johns
    Interior Mech. David Cropps
    Rear Mechanic: Joe Zanolini

    #66 Michael Waltrip Racing Crew Roster
    (no idea if they use the same crew when Jay Robinson Racing fields the car)
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Chad Walter
    Car Chief: Steve Lawrence
    Engineers: Lee Hallman & Tim Smith
    Spotter: Jeremy Brickhouse
    Jackman: Andy Turner
    Fueler: Doug Newell
    Front Tire Changer: Front Tire Changer
    Front Tire Carrier: Allen Steele
    Rear Tire Changer: Adam Hartman
    Rear Tire Carrier: Mark Kennerly
    Tire Specialist: Paul Jamison
    Shock Soecialist: Sean Hanrahan
    Engine Tuner: Greg Wilson
    TRD ECU Tuner: John Morgan
    Truck Driver: Bill 'Stump' Lewis
    Interior Mechanic: Nate Kennedy
    Rear End Mechanic: Chris Hall

    #78 Furniture Row Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    General Manager: Joe Garone
    Competition Director: Pete Rondeau
    Crew Chief: Todd Berrier
    Car Chief: Blake Harris
    Engineers: Cole Pearn, Matt Faulkner
    Spotter: Clayton Hughes
    Jackman: David O'Dell
    Fueler: Brian Dheel
    Front Tire Changer: Terry Spalding
    Front Tire Carrier: Craig Curione
    Rear Tire Changer: Kyle Turner
    Rear Tire Carrier: Adam Mosher
    2nd Gasman: Ryan Bergenty
    Shock Specialist: Nick Kerlin
    Tire Specialist: Chad Krauch
    Engine Specialist: Craig Griffiths
    Mechanics: Gary Frost, Eddie O'Hayre
    Technical Support: Michael McCullough
    Transportation: Henry Benfield, Jim Gilbert, Chuck Lemay, Chris Burton, Rocki Lohnes
    Pit Crew Coach: Greg Miller
    Public Relations: David Ferroni

    #83 BK Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Generanl Manager: Rick Carpenter
    Crew Chief: Joe Williams
    Car Chief: TBA
    Engineer: Nathan Roberts
    Spotter: Toby Whealdon
    Jackman: Tracy Duncan
    Fueler: Doug Newell
    Front Tire Changer: Pedro Martinez
    Front Tire Carrier: Anwar Parrish
    Rear Tire Changer: Weston Lovejoy
    Rear Tire Carrier: Seth Saunders
    Engine Tuner: Rudy Wade
    Tire Specialist: Tommy BiBlasi
    Road Mechanics: Matt Kimball, Steve Gleason, Steve Krohn, Herman Reiss
    Hauler Driver: Dennis LaCroix
    Pit Crew Coach: Gary Smith

    #88 Hendrick Motorsports Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Steve Letarte
    Car Chief: Jason Burdett
    Engineer: Kevin Meendering
    Spotter: T.J. Majors
    Fueler: Dustin Lineback
    Jackman: Nick Covey
    Front-tire Changer: Clay Robinson
    Front-tire Carrier: Kevin Harris
    Rear-tire Changer: Joe Slingerland
    Rear-tire Carrier: Matt Ver Meer
    Pit Crew Coach: Greg Morin

    #98 Phil Parsons Racing Crew Roster
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Gene Nead
    Jackman: Kevin Teague
    Fueler: Kenny Evans
    Front Tire Changer:Rocko Antonio
    Front Tire Carrier: Aaron Peirat
    Rear Tire Changer: R.B. Bracket
    Rear Tire Carrier: David Gates

    #99 Roush Fenway Racing Crew Roster:
    Duties, Name
    Crew Chief: Jimmy Fennig
    Car Chief: Richie Davis
    Engineers: Nick Sandler, Randy Seals
    Spotter: Jason Hedlesky
    Fueler: Shawn Ward
    Jackman: Cameron Cobb
    Front tire changer: Mike Lingerfelt
    Front tire carrier: Ryan McCray
    Rear tire changer: Jon Moore (injured Martinsville, March)
    Rear tire changer: Rapheal Diaz
    Rear tire carrier: Eric Wallace
    Windshield: Joey Fennig
    Motor Specialist: Doug Impsen
    Shock specialist: Dave McDonald
    Tire specialist: Scott Swift
    Truck drivers: Matt Millard, Wayne Anderson
    Road Mechanics: Zach Marquardt, Greg Emmer
    Account Manager: Kristen Arnold

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