Racing for the Pennant

Down the stretch they come! It's still the pro baseball regular season, but many games are starting to have a playoff atmosphere. A couple of teams are essentially playing must-win games in an effort to achieve their goals of making the playoffs.

The tightest pennant race of all is in the American League Central, where the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers are neck and neck. Entering Tuesday night's game, the Tigers were just one game ahead of their rivals.

Tigers: Just two weeks ago, Detroit held a seven-game lead in the division. With such a big lead, it looked like the Tigers would easily win the division championship and advance to the playoffs. But they have struggled since then, losing more games than they have won. However, the Tigers have the advantage of knowing they are still in first place. There are still a few games left to play. The Tigers can't get too down on themselves just because they have not been playing well. They have to take the field every day knowing that if they play hard, they can remain in first place and have a good chance of reaching the playoffs.

Twins: Meanwhile, while the Tigers are struggling, it seems like the Twins can't lose. In the last few weeks they have had a six-game winning streak and a five-game winning streak, creeping closer and closer to Detroit at the top of the division. Minnesota was able to get back in the race by staying positive and never giving up. At no point did the players ever think that they were finished. They played hard and have been rewarded with a chance to reach the playoffs.

Exciting Baseball: During a pennant race, every game is thrilling. Stadiums are sold out and fans hang on every pitch. Players seem to hit the ball a little harder and run a little faster. Every play matters and everybody is giving their all. It's baseball the way it should be!

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