Wait 'til Next Year

It's been a few days since the pro baseball season ended, meaning that there are only six months until the next one begins. For baseball fans, the winter can be a long, cold stretch without the game that they love. But believe it or not, there's a ton of baseball action between November and April. Players and team officials are hard at work preparing for the most hopeful two words in baseball - Next Year.

General Managers: General Managers are the people in charge of making their teams better during the off-season. They address their team's problems and try to fix them by making trades or signing free agents. Every team is looking to improve over the winter months, and there's a lot of work to be done. Throughout the off-season, many teams make blockbuster trades and sign superstar free agents, adding some excitement to the months between games.

Players: While many athletes may take a couple of weeks off to rest, the off-season isn't a time for players to sit around. Even though they aren't playing ball every day, athletes are hitting the gym, running and going to batting cages to stay sharp. Many young players and minor leaguers will head south to play in competitive games in places like Florida, Arizona or even the Caribbean. Just like General Managers spend the off-season trying to improve their teams, ballplayers spend the winter trying to improve on their abilities.

Fans: Even though their favorite teams and players aren't taking the field every day, baseball fans can still get excited about the National Pastime. Fans can still read the newspaper and go online to find out what moves their teams are making, and discuss with their friends whether a new player will help or hurt the team. Best of all, they are full of hope. Hope that the next season will bring their team a trip to the World Series, and plenty of exciting moments along the way.

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