For the Good of the Team

Every once in a while, team managers will ask athletes to try something different. This might mean playing a new position or adjusting their game in some way. While players might not like making the change at first, they will always give it a try. Why? Because being open to change is important for the good of the team.

Dustin Pedroia: For several years, Pedroia has been a star second baseman for the Boston Red Sox. He has been one of the top second baseman in the game, winning a gold glove award and earning a spot on two All-Star teams. He won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2007 while helping the Red Sox win the World Series, then won the American League MVP Award in 2008. Pedroia is certainly an established second baseman. This winter, though, the Red Sox are thinking about moving Pedroia over to play shortstop. The star infielder said he would be happy to make the switch. Although he has played second base just about every game for the last three years, he is willing to try a new position in order to make his team better.

Part of the Team: Being a part of a team means doing whatever you can to help the team win. Even if you want to play first base, for example, the coach might think you're a better fit for the team in center field. A good team player will make the switch and continue to try hard.

Athleticism: Many athletes, especially at the professional level, have the skills to play a number of different positions. A player like Pedroia is very valuable because of his versatility. His ability to move around the infield gives the Red Sox flexibility. They can explore a number of different options and have more room to find the best players to put on the field. If the best player available is a second baseman, Pedroia can play shortstop. If they want to sign a solid shortstop, Pedroia can play second base. Being willing and able to switch positions is a great way to help the team.

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