Women's Basketball Championship

Every sport has a champion every season. Some of those teams go down in history as the best ever. The 2009 University of Connecticut Women's Basketball team will be remembered as one of those teams.

On Tuesday, the Huskies won the National Championship, beating Louisville 76-54 in the final game of the NCAA Tournament. The Championship is UConn's sixth title in the school's history. Most amazingly, the Huskies didn't lose a game all season and finished 39-0. UConn also completed undefeated seasons in 1995 and 2002.

Everybody gets excited to win games and championships. But Connecticut's women's team is special because the Huskies have done so much for their sport. For many years, the Men's Basketball Tournament was more popular than the Women's Tournament. But over the last ten years or so, more and more people have started to follow the Women's Tournament. Great teams like the Connecticut Huskies and the Tennessee Volunteers have put women's basketball in the spotlight, and rightfully so. Sports fans in Connecticut are crazy for the Huskies. Players like Tina Charles and Renee Montgomery and Coach Geno Auriemma are big stars and have their pictures in the newspaper and on billboards. Some of the most famous professional women's basketball players of all time went to college at UConn, including Rebecca Lobo and Diana Taurasi.

Because UConn's history is so great, fans expect the Huskies to win the Championship every season. That is a lot of pressure for college basketball players to handle! This year's team was able to live up to those expectations. Starting in November, the Huskies were able to win all 39 of their games by 10 points or more. No other women's basketball team has ever done that!

Because UConn's championship team was so good this season, they will be more famous than ever next year. More people will watch the Huskies play and buy UConn t-shirts and jerseys, which will help make women's basketball even more popular. The Huskies don't just play to win Championships; they play for their entire sport.

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