Never Say 'I Can't'

I loved being a member of my high school basketball team, and while I wasn't very tall, I worked hard to get assists and put myself in position to rebound against bigger players.

Kevin Laue of Northern California also dreamed of playing on his high school basketball team. When Kevin was cut from his seventh grade team, a lot of people thought he was crazy to keep trying. You see, Kevin was born without a left hand. But he never let that stop him from trying to achieve his goal, and kept working on his basketball skills.

Kevin's can do attitude served him well. Not only did he make his high school team, he became a top player. He was a defensive stopper, blocking shots and forcing turnovers and could even dunk the ball. He believed in himself and wanted to prove the doubters wrong.

As his ability on the court continued to improve, Kevin kept growing taller. At 6'10" with a size 17 shoe, his coaches thought he might have a chance to play for a D-2 or D-3 college team. But Kevin's goal was to play for a Division I team, perhaps even in the NCAA tournament. He stayed focused and positive about his future.

This spring Kevin's dream came true. He was offered a scholarship to Manhattan College, a Division I basketball program. The coach was impressed by his ability, his dedication and his strong work ethic. His perseverance and hard work has paid off, and I can't wait to hear the roar of the crowd when he scores his first basket for the team.

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