Keeping Your Head Up

For hoops fans in the New York City area, the pro basketball season is off to a pretty rough start. Heading into this weekend's games, the region's two teams are a combined 2-21. The New York Knicks are 2-9, while the Nets are 0-12. Think it might be time for these players to give up? Think again.

Nets vs. Knicks: The two teams will match up against each other on Saturday night in New Jersey. This will be a great opportunity for the players to go out and show what they can do. Even though the two teams haven't won many games, fans all around the New York region will be watching the game. It will be a sort of regional showcase game for the players and coaches. They will come out of the locker rooms fired up for a chance to feed off the game's excitement. No matter where they are in the standings, the Nets and Knicks understand that this will be an important game.

The Fans: Basketball fans are a loyal bunch. Win or lose, they like to go out and watch their favorite team play. And the players appreciate that. One of the reasons why pro athletes try so hard is so they can put on a show for the fans. Every night, several young fans will go to the arena for their first-ever basketball game. The players recognize this and do their best to play hard and entertain these new fans. The better the action, the louder the fans will be. And players like nothing more than playing in front of a loud crowd!

The Game: Athletes are competitors. Every time they take the court, they want to do their best. Whether it's the playoffs in May or a regular season game in November, pro ball players leave everything on the court. Yes, they want to win, but it is also satisfying to leave the court knowing that they did everything they could to help their team.

It's still early in the season. Even though the Knicks and Nets are struggling, they still have a lot to play for. They play for the fans, for their teammates and for the good of the game. The worst thing the players can do is get down on themselves. If they keep their heads up and think positive, only good things can happen.

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