Superstars Changing Teams

Although fall is months away, it's never too early to start thinking about football. And recently, as winter slowly changes into spring, sports fans have been lucky enough to get some big football news.

One of the best players in the NFL, Terrell Owens, is changing addresses and jerseys. T.O. signed with the Bills, meaning that fans in Buffalo will get to watch an electrifying playmaker try to score touchdowns for their team. Meanwhile, fans in Dallas will start wondering what to do with their old Owens jerseys!

In sports, players change teams for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they're traded, sometimes they sign as free agents. Often, it's hard for fans to understand why their favorite player is suddenly wearing a new uniform.

Typically, teams make trades or sign free agents because the people in charge think that the change will make their team better. The Cowboys got rid of T.O. because they think that they will be a better team without him. The Bills acquired T.O. because they think that they will be a much better team with such a great receiver playing for them.

Several other big football stars have changed teams in recent years. Brett Favre spent most of his career with the Packers then played a season with the Jets. Most people know Drew Brees as the starting quarterback of the Saints, but not everybody remembers that he started his career with the Chargers.

At times, the hardest thing about being a fan is when players come and go. It's important to remember that the team though, is still the team. No matter where T.O. is playing, Dallas fans are going to root for the Cowboys and Buffalo fans are going to root for the Bills.

That's one of the reasons sports are so great. Players come and go, but your favorite team will always be there.

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