Working Hard in Practice

On the football field, one of the most important positions is the quarterback. The quarterback usually calls the plays in the huddle and takes control of the ball once the play starts. The quarterback is the one player who touches the ball on every offensive play.

That is why it's so important to have a very good player as a quarterback. They need to have a strong arm to pass the ball, they have to be fast to run the ball and they have to be smart so that they can learn all of the plays. Because of this, coaches think for a long time when making a decision about which player should be the team's starting quarterback.

Even though football season is months away, the Cleveland Browns are deciding who they want to be their starting quarterback. First year coach Eric Mangini has to choose between Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson. Both players are very good quarterbacks. Quinn went to Notre Dame and has been in the NFL for three years; Anderson has been in the league five years and played college football at Oregon State.

Coach Mangini has said that he will give both players a shot to earn the starting quarterback job. This shows that players don't just compete against other teams; they also compete against each other in practice.

This is one of the reasons why players always try their hardest in practice. Practice gives athletes the chance to improve their game. It is also the time to review plays, so that all the players know what is going on during the game. In addition, practice is also a good opportunity for athletes to show their coach how hard they are willing to work to make themselves and the team better.

Both Anderson and Quinn want the Browns to be the best football team. By competing against each other, they are making themselves better players in an effort to make the team better. Competition between friends and teammates can be a good thing. If Anderson sees Quinn working hard in practice, he will work hard too so that he can win the starting quarterback job, and vice versa. When players try to work harder than each other, the whole team gets better.

A little friendly competition can go a long way.

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