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Many young athletes around the world dream of playing professional sports. From the first time some children swing a bat, throw a football or kick a soccer ball, they dream of making it to the big leagues.

For many college football players, this dream is about to come true. This weekend is the NFL Draft, when pro football teams select college players who are ready to become professionals. It is a very exciting time for these players. They have worked hard to achieve the goal of playing professional football. They learned how to play the game in Pop Warner and other youth leagues then got bigger and stronger as they played high school football. In college many of these players became well known, playing games on television and in front of jam-packed stadiums. Now they are ready to take the last step toward reaching their goal.

Most fans have heard of stars like Michael Crabtree, a receiver from Texas Tech University, or Matthew Stafford, a quarterback from the University of Georgia. Percy Harvin is a great receiver from the University of Florida, and Brian Cushing is a star linebacker from the University of Southern California. All of these players are likely to be first-round picks in the NFL Draft.

The Draft is also an exciting time for fans. It gives them the chance to get to know new players entering the NFL and find out what teams they will play for over the next couple of years. The Draft provides the opportunity for NFL teams to improve. If a team needs a new quarterback, they will try to draft a good young player who can help their team. If a team is struggling at the running back position, they can try to improve by drafting a new player at that position.

Even though no pro football teams are playing games this weekend, fans are still buzzing about the sport. In past years, pro teams have gotten better by drafting super stars like Tom Brady, Reggie Bush and Ben Roethlisberger. Who will be the next big super star in the NFL? Whoever it is may just be a top pick in this weekend's NFL Draft.

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