Big Time Plays

There is a saying in sports - "big time players make big time plays in big time games." Every week during the pro football season, some players get an opportunity to make big plays on one of the sport's biggest stages. While most games take place on Sunday, the games on Monday night sometimes make the biggest headlines.

Big Games: One pro football game each week is played on Monday night. This is typically a very important game between two good teams, many times conference or division rivals. Each Monday Night Football game is played under bright lights in front of a packed stadium. In addition, millions of fans watch on television, all over the world.

Stars of the Game: Some of the best players in football history have played their best games on Monday night. Because of the championship-style atmosphere that accompanies the game each week these players try harder than usual to impress their fans and teammates. If a player performs well or makes a big play in a Monday Night Football game, fans all over the country will know about it. They work hard to take advantage of the opportunity to make big plays in a big game.

History: Monday Night Football started in 1970 and has been an institution ever since. At first, people said that nobody would care about nighttime football. They were wrong! Now in its 40th season, Monday Night Football is a showcase for the best teams and best players. There have been many memorable moments over the years, like in 2000 when the New York Jets were trailing the Miami Dolphins 30-7 at the end of the third quarter but came back to win 40-37 in overtime. Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre always played well on Monday nights when he was with the Green Bay Packers, including the game in 2003 when he threw four touchdowns in a game against the Oakland Raiders. This week, New England's Tom Brady put his stamp on Monday Night Football history, throwing two touchdowns in the last 2:06 to help the Patriots beat the Bills 25-24.

That's the best thing about Monday Night Football - you never know when a player will make history!

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