All over the country, thousands of students play high school sports. They play for a number of reasons. Many simply loves sports, some just enjoy competition and staying in shape. For a few extremely talented athletes, high school sports can lead to college and professional careers.

At this time of year, with the fall sports season in the books, many organizations honor high school athletes. Being named an All-American is the top honor that these athletes can receive. Athletes that are selected as All-Americans are the best of the best, the top competitors in the country.

What It Takes: Nobody becomes an All-American by accident. And while it takes talent, it takes something more, too. All-Americans work harder than anybody else. They practice before and after their practices. It's this kind of effort that elevates these athletes to the next level. It also takes a certain level of maturity to earn this honor. This athletes usually stay out of trouble, get good grades and know how the handle the spotlight. Many of them are already local celebrities in their communities. They have to set an example that other athletes can look up to.

Football Game: One of the highest profile high school events of the year is the All-American Football Game. The best high school football players in the country are divided into two teams and play against each other on Jan. 2 in Florida. The game features future stars like Xavier Grimble, a tight end from Nevada, and Jeff Luc, a linebacker from Florida. It is a great event because it represents the highest level of competition these young players have ever faced. They all worked hard to earn a spot in this historic game.

The Future: Many of the athletes who will be playing in St. Petersburg have already signed to play big-time college football at places like USC, Texas and Notre Dame. Others will announce their college decisions at the game. Some of these athletes will eventually go on to play pro football. What makes the All-American football game so special is it gives fans a chance to see the stars of tomorrow - today.

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