Going for Perfection

Perfection is a strong word. It means no flaws and no mistakes. In sports, a perfect season is hard to come by. It means that a team has to go all out in every game and can't ever let up. This season, pro football fans are lucky enough to see two teams striving for perfection.

Colts: For many years, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the best teams in the NFL. This is largely due to their star quarterback, Peyton Manning. This year, though, the Colts have something special going. They are 13-0 heading into Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts need three more wins to finish the season 16-0. What makes the Colts so great is not just Manning, but the relationship that Manning has with his receivers and the rest of the team. Every game, the entire team is in synch, playing to the best of their ability. This combination of talent and teamwork is a key component of perfection.

Saints: Like the Colts, the New Orleans Saints are a perfect 13-0. And like Indianapolis, the Saints are led by a star quarterback, Drew Brees. Brees is surrounded by a cast of extremely solid players, each of whom knows how to win. Every player, from running back Reggie Bush to linebacker Jonathan Vilma, is committed to helping the Saints win. The last two weekends, the Saints have come close to losing. But some late heroics gave the Saints three-point wins over the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Falcons, respectively. Coming up next for the Saints is a true test: they'll face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Supporting Cast: Over the next few weeks, the supporting cast behind Manning and Brees will become increasingly important. Both the Colts and the Saints have already clinched playoff spots, meaning that their coaches might bench their stars to prevent them from getting injured before the playoffs. Players like Manning and Brees will still start their remaining regular season games, but they won't play every down. This means that the backup players are going to play a key role in their team's pursuit of perfection. This shouldn't be a problem for these players.

Both the Colts and the Saints have grown accustomed to winning. Each week they put forth a true-team effort, meaning that every player is dedicated to working hard for the good of the team. They know that if they do their jobs, the perfection will continue.

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