Tiger's Comeback

It's definitely an exciting time of year to be a sports fan. Spring training baseball gets everybody fired up for the season and college basketball's March Madness tournament is one of the best sporting events of the year. Now, fans will also get to follow the comeback of one of the most dominating athletes of this generation.

For the first time since last summer, Tiger Woods is back playing golf. The last time we saw Tiger, he was limping off the course at the U.S. Open in June after winning a thrilling playoff victory despite a painful knee injury. After that match he had surgery and didn't play any golf for months.

No matter when Tiger is playing golf, he is fun to watch. But the fact that he is coming back from such a terrible injury makes Tiger' story even more compelling.

Everybody loves a good comeback. Some of the best games in history, in any sport, are when a team is down by a lot but overcomes the deficit and is able to win the game or the series. Perhaps the most famous comeback in sports history is when the Buffalo Bills were losing to the old Houston Oilers 35-3 during a 1993 NFL playoff game. In the second half, the Bills came all the way back and eventually won the game in overtime, 41-38. Another great comeback came in 2004, when the Boston Red Sox trailed the rival New York Yankees 3-0 in the American League Championship Series. Boston went on to win the next four games to beat the Yankees.

Tiger's individual comeback could be just as exciting. It's possible that he is never able to fully recover and never become the great golfer that he has been in the past. It's also very possible that he will be able to overcome the injury and hold on to his status as the best golfer in the world, which would only add to Tiger's legend.

Looks like we'll find out what happens soon enough!

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