Pro Golf History

If a baseball game is tied after nine innings, it goes into extra innings. When football, basketball or hockey games are tied at the end of regulation time, the game goes into overtime. At the Masters Golf Tournament, if two or more golfers have the same score at the end of the Tournament, they have to play a playoff hole.

Extra innings, overtimes and playoff holes are all exciting because they show that the players are competing hard against each other and are very evenly matched. There is always a lot of pressure, because the players know they have to try as hard as they can to win the game.

Last Sunday, three golfers were tied for first place at the end of 72 holes of golf at the Masters. So Angel Cabrera, Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell played a playoff hole. After one playoff hole, Cabrera and Perry were still tied so they played another.

Few golf fans expected Cabrera and Perry to be competing for the Masters Championship. While both are very good golfers, most fans thought that top players like Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson had the best chance of winning the green jacket.

Throughout the day on Sunday, many fans were watching Woods and Mickelson instead of Cabrera and Perry. In the end, everybody at Augusta National Golf Club and the millions of fans watching on TV were paying attention to the unlikely pair on the playoff hole. Cabrera was trying to be the first player from Argentina to win the Masters. Perry, at 48 years old, was trying to become the oldest golfer ever to win golf's most famous tournament.

On the second playoff hole, Cabrera scored a par 4 to win the Masters Championship. It was a very special moment for Cabrera because he was the first person from his country to win the Tournament. Many players get frustrated after losing, but Perry showed very good sportsmanship after the match. He clapped for Cabrera and congratulated him because he understands how special it is to win the Masters. Both players worked very hard to be the best golfer in the Masters and reached this goal when they made it to the playoff holes. And although Cabrera was the one wearing the green jacket, both he and Kenny Perry deserve congratulations.

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