College Hockey Champions

Boston University was losing 3-1 to Miami University with just one minute left in the College Hockey Tournament Championship Game last Saturday night. Since it is very hard to score goals in hockey, BU's chances of winning the game looked pretty slim.

The Boston University Terriers are one of the best teams in the country, and the players weren't about to give up. With 59.5 seconds remaining in the game, BU's Zach Cohen scored a goal to make it 3-2. Then, teammate Nick Bonino scored again to tie the game at 3-3 with 17 seconds remaining. Unbelievably, the game went into overtime.

Eleven minutes into overtime, Colby Cohen scored a goal to give the Terriers a 4-3 win and the College Hockey Championship. The Boston University players and fans celebrated one of the most exciting victories in the history of college hockey. Sometimes hockey teams don't even score two goals in an entire game. It's an amazing accomplishment to score two goals in just the final minute of a game, especially one as important as the College Hockey Championship.

BU's victory shows how important it is to never give up. Just about everybody who was watching the Championship Game thought that Miami had the victory wrapped up. It would have been easy for the disappointed Terriers to stop playing hard for the final minute. Instead, they played harder and better than ever. Great players know to give more effort when nobody thinks they can succeed, and Boston University proved that they are a team a team with many great players.

The Terriers have won five College Hockey Championships. Jack Parker, the BU coach, now has 30 tournament victories in his career, the most of any college hockey coach. Boston University finished the season 35-6-4 and won the most games in the team's history.

The most important of all those victories was the last one, when the Terriers came back to win a memorable Championship Game.

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