The Ultimate Game

It's summertime. School's out and the days are long. People are heading to the beach, the pool or the park to have some fun. Often, you pack a Frisbee for these trips. Friends get together, relax and throw it around, taking advantage of the carefree days.

Sometimes, though, tossing the Frisbee isn't exactly relaxing. It can be a demanding, intense and competitive sport. In fact, some people call it the ultimate sport.

Ultimate Frisbee combines elements of a few sports, including football. It takes endurance, speed and being able to jump high doesn't hurt!

The Game: Scoring in Ultimate Frisbee is similar to football. Players try to pass the disc to teammates in the end zone. Like football, the object is to move the Frisbee up the field to the end zone. However, players in possession of the disc can't run with it. Once a player catches a pass, they have to stay in place until they pass the Frisbee to a teammate. Passes can go in any direction.

Throwing: There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee. Players use backhands, forehands and even overhead "hammer" throws to move the disc up the field.

Defense: The team on defense tries to intercept the Frisbee from the other team. They can also knock down a pass in order to gain possession. If a player passes the Frisbee to a teammate and the disc hits the ground, the other team gains possession.

Popularity: It is estimated that millions of people all over the world play Ultimate Frisbee. While it is very popular at colleges, summer camps and in physical education classes, there is also a league called the Ultimate Player's Association that serves as the sport's governing body. Every year since 1979, the UPA holds a championship tournament. Club teams from all over the world enter the tournament, which is typically held in Florida.

If you have never played Frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee give it a try. Chances are you and your friends will have lots of fun!

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