Siblings in Sports

Last week, as the finals of the world's most important tennis tournament drew to a close, two names were destined to meet in the tournament's championship match. Actually, it's really just one name: Williams.

The Williams Sisters: Venus and Serena Williams have dominated women's tennis for the last decade. Combined, the sisters now have 18 Grand Slam titles. They have met eight times in the finals at Grand Slam events, with Serena winning six of them, including this month at Wimbledon. Serena also now holds an 11-10 all-time advantage over her sister in match play. Venus and Serena have also won many doubles championships together, and they even won gold medals together in the 2000 and 2008 Olympics.

Currently, there are many other famous sets of siblings in professional sports.

The Mannings: Peyton and Eli Manning are two of the most popular quarterbacks in professional football. Both have won Super Bowls, Peyton with the Indianapolis Colts and Eli with the New York Giants. Even their father, Archie Manning, was a great quarterback with the New Orleans Saints.

The Molinas: This trio of brothers has made its mark on professional baseball. Bengie, the oldest brother, catches for the San Francisco Giants. Jose catches for the New York Yankees and the youngest, Yadier, is the catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. All three brothers have won the World Series. Bengie and Jose played for the Anaheim Angels, the 2002 champions and Yadier was a key player on the Cardinals' 2006 championship team.

The Staals: Like the Molinas, three Staal brothers play in the NHL. Eric, the oldest, plays for the Carolina Hurricanes. Marc plays for the New York Rangers and Jordan, who is only 20 years old, won the Stanley Cup this season with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

While it's pretty rare for sets of siblings to make it in professional sports, it's also not surprising. Many sets of siblings share similar interests. If an older brother or sister is interested in athletics, there is a good chance that a younger brother or sister will follow in their footsteps. Brothers and sisters also have the ability to motivate and inspire each other.

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