Last Shot

In sports, athletes and fans place a lot of emphasis on taking advantage of opportunities. If a baseball player comes up with the bases loaded, it is an important situation because the hitter has the opportunity to drive in several runs and really help their team. If a football team recovers a fumble, they try hard to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity to score.

In golf, the PGA Championship is one of the most exciting tournaments of the summer because it provides players with one final opportunity to achieve greatness.

The Last Major: Each year, there are four major golf tournaments  the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. Because it is the final major of the season, the best golfers in the world all gather to play at the PGA. Some fans even call the tournament "Glory's Last Shot" because everybody is trying hard to win the year's last big tournament.

Location: Each summer since 1916, the PGA Championship is held at a different course, usually one of the best courses in the country. This year it is taking place at Hazeltine National, a course in Minnesota. What makes Hazeltine special is that it is a very long course. Players will have to hit the ball very far and straight in order to have a shot at winning. Fans like this type of golf course because they enjoy watching pro golfers drive the ball over 300 yards. It truly is amazing to watch!

Key Players: The best players in the world will be in Hazeltine this weekend for the PGA Championship. Here are some players to watch:

Phil Mickelson: Because he was spending time with his family, Mickelson has not played in a tournament since June. He's back for the PGA, though, looking to take advantage of the year's last shot to win a major.
Tiger Woods: In any tournament, Tiger is a golfer to watch. Amazingly, he has not won a major this year, so he will be extra hungry at the PGA. He has already won the tournament four times in his career and is looking to be just the third golfer to win five PGA Championships.
Stewart Cink: Cink surprised many fans when he won the British Open last month, his first major championship. That win gave him some confidence to keep playing well, which will help this weekend in Minnesota.

Although many eyes will be on the above mentioned trio of favorites, the PGA Championship is anybody's game. That's what makes major golf tournaments so much fun to watch. Anything can happen, especially when the best players in the world are looking to take advantage of their last opportunity for glory.

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