The Best College Nicknames

In the world of pro sports, there are some pretty catchy nicknames. With over 100 pro sports teams in the country, there are bound to be some names that stand out. But if you think that the Astros, Grizzlies, Canucks and 49'ers are creative, check out some favorite a few other great college nicknames!

Nebraska Cornhuskers: The act of shucking the husk off of an ear of corn doesn't seem like something that would create a football team's nickname. The Cornhuskers, though, have been one of the most successful and popular teams in college football history. The University of Nebraska started using the name around 1900 and it has stuck around ever since, a reference to the state's many cornfields. Before they were called the Cornhuskers, Nebraska's teams had a number of nicknames, including the Bugeaters!

UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs: Athletic teams at the University of California at Santa Cruz boast one of the most curious nicknames in the country. When UCSC started competing in intercollegiate sports in the early 1980s, they were called the Sea Lions, a reference to the school's coastal location. But many of the students preferred the nickname Banana Slugs, a type of slug that is common in the nearby forests. The name stuck and was eventually adopted as the official mascot.

Akron Zips: It is believed that the zipper, found on just about every pair of pants and jacket, was invented in Akron in the late 1800s. In honor of that invention, the University of Akron adopted Zipper as the nickname for its teams. Over the years, the nickname was shortened to the Zips, and the team's mascot is a kangaroo. The Zips have one of the top college soccer teams in the nation and are very competitive in basketball and football.

Southern Illinois Salukis: Many college and pro teams are named after animals, but you don't see too many named after specific purebred dogs! Salukis are known as beautiful, fast and powerful dogs - a perfect name for a sports team!

There are many, many reasons to watch college sports. Great athletes and exciting games, not to mention some very creative nicknames!

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