Luke's Mailbag 4

Q: What is your favorite outdoor activity? Cobey from Georgia
A: Cobey, there's nothing like being outside during the summer- I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible! I love to run, but also love to play pick-up basketball with my friends. This summer I tried to do something active every day and ate a nutritious diet, which really helped me prepare for the start of football season! All that extra hard work really paid off!

Q: Which sport do you think is harder to play, baseball or football? Will from New Jersey
A: That's a great question, Will, but it's a tough question to answer, especially because I play both sports and they're my two favorites! Each requires a huge amount of hard work, practice, and dedication. I would say football might be more physically demanding, since it's a full contact sport. I love football and baseball, but I know that both sports require you to practice hard and stay healthy since they have long seasons.

Q: Where was the 1st World Cup tournament held? Terrell from Washington, DC
A: Thanks for your question, Terrell. I had to look this one up. The first official World Cup was organized by FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, and was held in Uruguay in 1930. Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in front of a crowd of 93,000 people! That seems like a lot of soccer fans for back then. Only 13 nations competed in this first World Cup, and now over 200 teams compete.

Q: Who won the first Super Bowl? Ronan from Tennessee
A: Hi Ronan! I spent some time researching this one and found out that the first Super Bowl was played in 1967 between Green Bay and Kansas City. Green Bay won 35-10. They actually went on to win the next year as well, so I bet they had some great team chemistry!

Q: Has any team won more than two World Cups? Jonathan from Texas
A: Great question, Jonathan. I love sports stats! There are actually a few teams that have won more than two World Cups. In fact, Brazil has won five, Italy fourand Germany has been to the finals seven times! That's pretty amazing for such a high level of competition!

Q: Is there a professional women's baseball league? Addie from Tennessee
A: Good question! My friends and I play pickup games all the time, and the girls we play with are really good! Unfortunately right now there is no professional women's baseball league. There used to be one, but the league ended in 1954. This doesn't mean that women can never play professional baseball  this year Eri Yoshida's hard work paid off and she became the first female drafted into Japan's pro league. If you practice hard maybe we will see you in the majors soon!

Q: What year did professional basketball begin? Tali from Utah
A: Professional basketball as we know it today actually began in 1949, but the first pro league began in 1898 and has been through a lot of changes to get to where it is today. Today the NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world with some of the most exciting and dedicated athletes. The league sure has come a long way!

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