There's something special about being on a team. Win or lose, it's a thrill to compete in every game with your teammates. You are all working hard to achieve a common goal, whether it's to score a goal in soccer, score a touchdown in football or turn a double play in baseball.

Being a good teammate: There's more to being a teammate than just knowing when to pass the ball. Being a good teammate means being there for your teammates every step of the way. The whole point of being on a team is that players support each other. In sports, it's inevitable that somebody is going to make a mistake. A good teammate knows how to help correct the mistake on the field. In softball, if an infielder makes an error, the rest of her teammates might work a little harder to make sure that the runner doesn't score. A good teammate might also approach the player off the field to tell her that everything is ok. A good teammate will never get mad at another player for making a mistake. They simply move on together.

Success: Just like teammates share the blame when somebody makes a mistake, they also credit each other with success. If a running back scores a touchdown in football, he didn't do it alone. The lineman blocked for him and the quarterback got him the ball. In basketball, a player can only make a 3-pointer if their teammates pass the ball and help draw defenders away from the ball. Good teammates know that they can't succeed without the help of other players on their team.

Practice and rewards: A lot of work goes into playing sports, whether at the professional level or in youth leagues. There are many games and practices. Players have to work hard every day throughout the long season. At times, players might want to quit or give up if they are tired or have experienced a tough loss. Teammates are there to make sure that everybody on the team makes it through the season together. If everybody chips in, the entire team will have a rewarding season regardless of wins and losses.

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