Trust in Sports

A running back takes the hand-off from his quarterback. He runs towards the line, at the mass of lineman battling for position. It looks like a solid wall of uniform numbers and shoulder pads. At the last second, a hole opens up in the line. The running back scoots through the hole and is on his way to a big gain.

How did he know a hole was going to open up? Because he trusted that his offensive linemen were going to do their job. Trust is one of the most important factors in being a good teammate, not just in football, but in all sports.

Baseball and Softball: With nine players on the field, baseball and softball players have to trust each other to succeed. The pitcher needs to know that the catcher is able to catch the ball to prevent a wild pitch. There are many occasions when a pitcher throws a pitch that the batter can easily hit. Why? Because the pitcher trusts that the players in the field can catch the ball and make the play.

Soccer: Soccer teammates need to trust that their teammates will be in the right place at the right time. Many times a player will dribble the ball down the sideline. When the defense converges on her, she knows that one of her teammates will be at the center of the field, waiting for a pass. If teammates have been playing with each other for a long time, they might not even have to look for one another. They just know where each other will be.

Volleyball: Trust is especially important in volleyball. Sometimes, a player might have to set a ball with their back to the net. A good teammate will trust that one of the hitters will be there to spike the ball over the net. On a volleyball team, players trust that their teammates will be able to receive their passes and get the ball over the net.

Team-building is a very important part of finding success in sports. Players cannot operate as a team if they don't trust each other. They all need to know that everybody on the team is working together to reach a common goal.

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