Coming Home

Even as a little kid, I was always a huge sports fan. I remember how special it was attending my first baseball game at Fenway Park with my dad. It was pretty amazing to return there as an adult and broadcast from the same stadium. I am very lucky to get to work at a place where I have so many great memories.

Nineteen-year-old Joey Logano knows all about that. As a kid the now professional racecar driver saw his first NASCAR Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He fell in love with the sport and began racing as soon as he was old enough.

Last fall, Logano got his big break to drive in racing's premier circuit the NASCAR Cup Series. His first race was back at his childhood track, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Joey finished in 32nd place and while disappointed, he knew he gave it his best and became even more determined to improve.

He put the time in at the racetrack, worked hard on his driving, and always made sure that safety was a top priority. This season, he was given the chance to replace top driver Tony Stewart in the #20 car. In June, with his friends and family cheering him on, he returned once again to New Hampshire to compete. His determination paid off, and became the youngest driver ever to win a NASCAR Cup race.

Joey believes his early losses made him a better person and pushed him to work even harder. He said that everyone loses sometimes, and he now appreciates his first big win even more. Logano never gave up and his perseverance paid off. For Joey, it was extra special to get the checkered flag at his hometown track.

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