Chances are, anyone who has ever had recess has played or watched a game of kickball. For decades the bouncy, red rubber ball has been a schoolyard staple of one of the most popular games around.

Adult Kickball: For a long time, kickball was known simply as a game for kids. Now players can enjoy the game long after they leave school. Hundreds of adult kickball leagues have sprouted up all over the country. For some, it's a way to get outside, get a little exercise and meet some new people. For others, it's an intense form of competition. In these highly competitive leagues, kickball transforms into a true athletic workout featuring diving catches, curveballs and hustling home runs.

Rules: The rules of kickball depend on the league. In many schoolyard games, it's pretty simple. The pitcher rolls the ball towards home plate; the "batter" kicks the ball and runs around the bases while the fielders try to make an out. There are no limits as to the number of players; it depends on how many students want to play. Games last until the bell rings. In more formal adult leagues, there are a set number of players playing distinct positions for a certain number of innings. There are umpires and scoreboards, uniforms and championships.

What It Takes: No matter what the level of competition, from the schoolyard to national championship tournaments, the most important element of kickball is having a good time. Sports are meant to be enjoyable. Sure, athletes put in a lot of work and there is a tremendous amount of pressure put on big-time athletes. But when it comes down to it, sports are games. And few games are more enjoyable than kickball.

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