The Pride of Mexico

Working in sports, I've learned that athletes aren't known only for their play on the court. Just as important is what they do off the court. And while some athletes don't enjoy living in the public eye, others embrace the chance to set a good example and make a difference.

Professional golfer Lorena Ochoa is proud to be called a role model.

A native of Mexico, she is currently the #1 ranked female golfer in the world, and her homeland could not be prouder. At 27 years old, she has won two major championships and has also been named the LPGA Player of the Year.

Lorena is a role model on the course as well. Her hard work dates back to childhood, when she would get up early before golf practice to run. Lorena appreciates the practice and dedication it takes to be a great golfer, and is known for never shying away from a challenge. In her free time, Lorena enjoys competing in triathlons as well as mountain biking and swimming. To her, it is important to continually set personal goals and work hard towards accomplishing them.

Growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, Lorena saw that many children did not have the same opportunities she did. Following her success on the course, Lorena was able to help out in her local community by opening an elementary school. Her charity is helping inspire kids to stay in school, and she is currently working towards opening a local high school.

As one of Mexico's most famous athletes, she is recognized wherever she goes and embraces it. She says, "I feel lucky to represent my country and to set an example for the children of Mexico. It is a responsibility that I accept with honor."

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