Venerable Venues

Throughout sports, there are certain buildings that have a certain aura about them. There are stadiums and arenas that have long histories of great teams, great players and great games. When athletes compete in these buildings they tend to elevate their games. Everything just seems more special - the players are better, the fans are louder and the games mean just a little bit more.

Madison Square Garden: MSG is knows as the World's Most Famous Arena. The greatest basketball players in the world have come through The Garden, which is right in the heart of New York City. The Garden has existed in various places since 1879, although the latest version was created in 1968. Every event at The Garden, whether it's a regular season hockey game, a championship prize fight or the Big East basketball tournament, has a special atmosphere surrounding it. There's a buzz in the building that let's the athletes know that they have reached the big time.

Lambeau Field: Few stadiums compare to the legend of Lambeau Field. The home of the Green Bay Packers opened in 1955 and has hosted some of the most memorable game sin football history. What makes Lambeau Field so great is the home field advantage it gives the Packers. Wisconsin winters are typically very cold and windy, so late-season and playoff games can be very uncomfortable for teams visiting from warmer climates. In fact, the Packers have a 12-3 record in home playoff games since 1955. Because the cold weather gives Green Bay such an advantage, the Lambeau Field is affectionately known as The Frozen Tundra.

Fenway Park/Wrigley Field: The homes of the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are the last of a dying breed. Fenway and Wrigley were built in 1912 and 1924, respectively, and continue to be two of the most popular stadiums in baseball. Fans come from around the country to visit both stadiums, which are sold out for every game. Both stadiums are right downtown, and fans can tell that the cities of Boston and Chicago grew up around them. As these stadiums approach their 100th birthdays, they continue to host some of baseball's most memorable games.

If you are ever lucky enough to attend a game at one of these venues, you'll get a sense of just how special they are. In an age where stadiums and arenas are constantly trying to upgrade, these buildings have stayed true to their traditions and the fans who have made them great.

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