Soccer Surprises

The Major League Soccer season has only been underway for a couple of weeks, but some unexpected things have already happened. One surprise is that Chivas USA, which plays in Los Angeles, has been the best team in the league. Through six games, Chivas has a 4-1-1 record and 13 points. In MLS, teams receive three points for a win and one point for a tie. Chivas has only allowed three goals so far, the fewest amount of goals allowed by any team in the league.

Over the past few seasons, Chivas (which is nicknamed the Goats) has been a successful MLS team. In 2007, the Goats won the Western Conference Championship and in 2008 they reached the Playoffs for the third straight season. In the beginning of this season, though, several of Chivas' top players have been injured. Which is why the Goats' hot start has been so surprising.

In place of nine injured players, other Chivas players have had to step up and play like stars. One of these players is Carey Talley. Talley has played for five different teams during his 11-year MLS career. He has always been a good midfielder, but not a star. This season, he has played on the backline for Chivas and is one of the reasons why the team is playing so well. As a defender, Talley's main role is to stop the other team's best players from scoring. He has been able to do this and is one of the main reasons why Chivas has allowed so few goals. Even though his coach asked him to play a new position this year, Talley didn't complain and has tried his hardest. He has become one of the Goats' best players and helped them start the season as the league's best team.

As good as Chivas has been, their unbeaten streak couldn't last forever. After playing their first five games without a loss, the Goats lost 1-0 to FC Toronto on Wednesday night. Toronto, nicknamed the Reds, hadn't won a game on their home field all season. But the Reds were able to finally break through and score a rare goal against Chivas.

Even though Chivas had been the best team in the league and Toronto had been struggling to win games, the Reds didn't give up. Their effort paid off as Toronto became the first team to defeat Chivas. And that's why Major League Soccer is so exciting  you never know what is going to happen.

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