ESPN Kids Writer Mailbag 10

Q: I know girls, including myself, who want to break the barrier and play football. Do you think it's possible? Kristen from Florida
A: Kristen, just about anything is possible in sports. The key is to put your mind to it and never give up. There are many professional athletes who were told that they would never make it. Sometimes they were too small or too slow. But these players set a goal and accomplished it. As long as you believe that you can break the barrier and put in the effort, then yes, it is most certainly possible.

Q: In soccer, what's a corner kick? Danny from Delaware
A: Danny, a corner kick is when the offensive team gets a free kick from the corner of the goal line and the sideline. This happens when the ball is touched by the defensive team and then goes out of bounds over the goal line. Corner kicks are usually scoring opportunities, and teams draw up specific plays for their corner kicks.

Q: I just started playing basketball, can you offer some tips I should work on? Shyonti from North Carolina
A: Shyonti, the best advice I can give you is to learn as much as you can about the sport. By watching high school, college and professional games, you'll be able to learn a lot about basketball. Also talk to different players and coaches to see what tips they have for you. As far as specific basketball skills, it is most important for new players to practice dribbling. It's really the foundation of the game - it's tough to pass or shoot unless you know how to dribble!

Q: How many professional soccer teams are in America? Annabelle from Kentucky
A: Annabelle, there are 23 pro soccer teams in this country. There are 15 men's teams that play for Major League Soccer, and eight women's teams that play in the Women's Professional Soccer League.

Q: Do Major League Baseball teams only draft players out of college? Renee from New York
A: Renee, at the Major League Baseball draft, most teams do draft players right out of college. However, teams can also draft players out of high school. This is more risky, because high school players still have a lot of development ahead of them. A player drafted out of high school might spend more time in the minor leagues than a player drafted out of college.

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