Baseball Stadiums

Over the weekend, the Georgetown Hoyas played the St. John's Red Storm in a college baseball game. This wasn't any old game between the two rivals from the Big East Conference. It was the first-ever game played at Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets.

Not only did the game give fans a first look at the new ballpark in Queens, NY, but it gave the college players the chance to play on a Big League field. While St. John's and Georgetown both have very nice baseball facilities, nothing compares to playing baseball in a Major League stadium.

If you have ever been to a Major League game, you know the feeling. You arrive at the game to see a giant building, with thousands and thousands of fans walking around wearing their team's colors. The best part is when you head to your seat. One second you are in a dark hallway; the next you are walking out into the sunshine. You might have to wait a second for your eyes to adjust to the light, but then you see it. The green grass, the brown dirt and rows of endless seats all filled by cheering fans. And that is before the game has even started!

Baseball stadiums can be a very important part of a city. In Boston, Fenway Park is the home of the Red Sox and is the oldest stadium in the Big Leagues. Fenway opened in 1912 and just about every game is sold out. It is famous for "The Green Monster," the left field wall that is more than 37-feet high. Another famous ballpark is Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs. It was built in 1914 and the Cubs have been playing there since 1916. One of the reasons it is famous is because the outfield wall has ivy growing all over it!

Baseball fans in New York will have two new stadiums to visit this season. In the Bronx, the Yankees will be playing in a new Yankee Stadium. The old Yankee Stadium, which was located just across the street from the new one, was also one of the most famous ballparks in the Major Leagues. Like the Mets and Yankees, teams move into new stadiums for a lot of reasons. New stadiums will have better facilities like concession stands, bathrooms and seats. Building a new stadium is a good way to attract more fans, because everybody wants to check out their favorite team's new home.

Next time you go to a baseball game, make sure to look around at the stadium. Maybe your team plays in a new stadium, maybe it plays in a classic old park. Think about the many great players who have played there over the years, who have made spectacular plays on the green outfield grass or sprinted to first base. Look at all the fans that are there and listen to how much noise they make. Stadiums are just as much a part of baseball as home runs, strikeouts and double plays.

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