Luke's Mailbag 1

Q: Which college has had the most players drafted into professional basketball? Donald from Ohio
A: Wow! Tough question, I had to look this one up. If we are talking in terms of "all-time" draft picks, then the school with the most is UCLA, with a whopping total of 98 picks. The University of North Carolina comes in at a close second with 94, and University of Kentucky is third with 91. The college with the most active players in the NBA is Duke with 14 players, including Grant Hill and forward Carlos Boozer. The University of Connecticut is second with 13 players, including the Boston Celtics' Ray Allen and Chicago Bull shooting guard Ben Gordon. UCLA is third with 12 players, including Baron Davis and Kevin Love.

Q: Which team do you think will win the World Series this year? Joe from Massachusetts
A: There are a lot of great teams in baseball this year! I really like the Red Sox, because of the way they play. Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis definitely work hard and hustle every play. I bet they work really hard in practice! The Chicago Cubs look like a great team as well, and they have solid pitching. Maybe we'll see the Red Sox and the Cubs battle it out in the World Series! How fun would that be for the fans?!

Q: Do you play any sports? Mohammed from Texas
A: I love sports! I play wide receiver for my high school football team, and I also plan on playing baseball next year. I play sports any chance I can get, and love playing pickup games with my friends. There's no better feeling than playing and competing on a team.

Q: Will the White Sox make the playoffs this year and who's your favorite player? Meredith from Illinois
A: I hope the White Sox make the playoffs, they're my favorite team! The American League Central is always a tough division to play in, and this year it's definitely the case. With teams like Minnesota, Detroit and Kansas City, the competition will be tough! With a lot of good teamwork and dedication throughout the regular season I think the White Sox have a shot! My favorite player is probably Jim Thome because he's been a consistently great player over a long professional career. He eats well, works out and has always given it 100%. Carlos Quentin is amazing to watch too!

Q: Will Tony Romo be a leader this year now that T.O. is gone? James from Illinois
A: I think Tony Romo already is a leader. He plays on the most high-profile team in sports, and manages a tough offense, which is no small task! It's been fun to watch him develop as a professional quarterback. He came from a small school and was never really expected to stand out on the professional level, but with a ton of hard work and persistence he's become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL! You have to think that Tony Romo's best is still to come!

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