Karl's Mailbag 9

Q: Who holds the record for the most strikeouts in a baseball career? Bradley from Pennsylvania
A: Good question Bradley. Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan holds the record with an amazing 5,714 strikeouts in his career. In second place is Randy Johnson, who pitched this season for the San Francisco Giants. But he is still more than 800 strikeouts behind Ryan's record!

Q: What are the most overtime periods in an NCAA (men's) basketball game? Suzanne from California
A: Well, one thing I can tell you Suzanne was that it was a pretty long game! In 1981 Cincinnati and Bradley played an amazing seven overtimes! Cincinnati eventually won the game 75-73, but they sure had to work hard for the victory!

Q: Which is a better way to work on your golf swing, a driving range or playing a round? Grant from Texas
A: Grant, golfers are always working and trying to improve their swing, even professionals. The driving range is great because you can practice with a particular club and take swing after swing. Playing on the course is also great practice, as you play real course conditions and situations. If I've learned anything playing golf it's the importance of having a good practice plan. One thing is for sure, the more you practice your game, the better you get!

Q: Who played in the first televised World Series? Benjamin from Colorado
A: Great question Benjamin, that was a long time ago! The first televised World Series was actually in 1947 when Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers played Joe DiMaggio's Yankees. The Yankees wound up winning the series in dramatic fashion, after seven games!

Q: Who has played in the most US Open tennis matches? Sari from New York
A: Thanks for writing Sari. Jimmy Connors has the record for most US Open matches with 115, winning the tournament five times. Chris Evert holds the women's record with 113 matches played.

Q: Who held the homerun record prior to Babe Ruth? Mark from California
A: Great question Mark. Hall of Famer Roger Conner held the home run record with 138 career home runs. He played 18 seasons as an infielder, retiring in 1897. Babe Ruth would go on to hit a total of 714 home runs in his career.

Q: What is a triathlon? Muriel from Ohio
A: Thanks for your question, Muriel. A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event that consists of swimming, cycling and running one right after the other. The distances depend on the type of triathlon.

Q: How did you become so knowledgeable about baseball? Matlida from Nevada
A: Hi Matilda, great to hear from you. I've always been a big baseball fan, ever since I was a little kid in Massachusetts rooting for the Boston Red Sox. I never imagined back then that I would wind up a sportscaster! Like anything you want to be good at, I practice constantly and study the game as much as I can. I'm lucky to have a job that I love doing, which makes it fun to follow the games, every day, year round!

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