College Hoops Tournament

Before you start rummaging through the drawers to find your bathing suit and flip flops, before you start breaking in that new baseball glove or lacrosse stick, there's still a little bit of winter to get through. Don't worry, this part of winter doesn't involve shoveling snow or walking to school in wet boots. We just need to wrap up the college basketball season.

Of all the post-season and playoff tournaments in sports, college basketball is arguably the most thrilling. From the conference tournaments to the NIT to the NCAA Tournament, both men's and women's college basketball provides weeks and weeks of championship hoops. It seems like every night in March and early April a game ends with fans storming on the court to celebrate a big win with the players.

There are a lot of reasons why fans get so excited over college basketball tournament games, wether it's the Big East Tournament, the ACC Tournament or the biggest tournament of them all, the NCAAs. First of all, students and alumni get very attached to their colleges. Think about how excited you and your friends get when your school is featured in the newspaper or when your team wins a big game. Well, now think about what it must be like if the whole country is watching your school! That's how important these games are to students and alumni.

Another feature of college basketball tournaments is the "win-or-go-home" atmosphere that surrounds the games. Every game has a simply storyline  the team that wins move on and keeps playing, the losing team is done for the year. Imagine if you're out back shooting baskets after school. If you miss the shot, you have to go in and do your homework. If you make the shot, you stay out a little longer. Who wouldn't get excited if they kept making baskets?

March may seem like long, muddy stretch of time before the grass turns green and it stays light out long after dinner. But don't just wish the month away. You might miss some pretty good games.

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