Luke's Mailbag 2

Q: Do you like reporting on sports? What is the best part about being a reporter? Wally from Utah
A: Hi, Wally. I really love being the Earn Your Stripes Reporter. It's been awesome to have the chance to travel the country and meet kids like you who are out there working hard to Earn Their Stripes. I've learned so much, not only about being a reporter, but about sports as well. It's been great meeting some of the professional athletes, they've given me a lot of tips to bring my game to the next level!

Q: Is it fun working with Karl Ravech? Martianna from Louisiana
A: Working with Karl Ravech has been awesome! He knows so much about sports, especially baseball! I've learned a lot about what goes into being a sports reporter, and Karl really spends a lot of time practicing to be his best on camera. There's a lot that goes into producing a show! I'm really looking forward to continuing to work with Karl, I learn something new every time!

Q: Which pro athlete inspires you the most and why? Debbie from Illinois
A: Lance Armstrong, without a doubt. To me Lance is one of the most amazing athletes ever. He's fought through so much to get where he is today, even defeating cancer! To stay on top Lance continues to set goals for himself, he's even trying to compete in the Tour de France AGAIN this year! Lance really works hard to maintain a great diet and stay in shape. He's not only a great athlete, he's a great role model as well. I really look up to Lance Armstrong and he inspires me to be my best on and off the field.

Q: How do you stop a 5'6'' power forward that can dribble and drive at lightning-quick speeds when you're only about 5'2''? Kyle from Hawaii
A: I wish I was lightning quick! It's tough playing against other athletes that have a size and skill advantage. I play football, and I always try to work as hard as possible in practice so I can be my best on the field when it matters. I find that if I worry about the things I can control-like how I take care of my body with hard work and a good diet-the rest falls into place. The harder you work the better you get, so keep at it Kyle!

Q: Which sport do you have to be the most athletic to play? Brittany from New Jersey
A: Wow, hmm...that's a tough one. Almost every sport uses different skills, so it's pretty hard to say one sport requires more athletic ability than another. No matter what sport you play, a lot of hard work and practice go into being your best.

Q: What do you think about hockey? I love hockey but I don't think people talk about it enough!! Who do you like most in the NHL? Megan from Minnesota
A: I agree! It's been so exciting to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs! I'm really excited that professional hockey is making such a comeback. After such a great season this year, I expect that hockey will be even bigger next year! As for my favorite team, I'm from Chicago, so I'm a big Chicago Blackhawks fan. They have such a talented group of young players, and even though they lost in the semi-finals, I bet they put in a lot of hard work during the off-season and may come back even better next year! Goooo Hawks!

Q: If you could be any animal, which would you be? Ben from New York
A: A Tiger!

Q: What's your all-time favorite sports highlight? Aaron from Illinois
A: My all-time favorite highlight would have to be from the Super Bowl in 2008 when the Giants played the then-undefeated New England Patriots. With minutes left in the game the Giants came together as a team and put together a tremendous drive downfield. When the Patriots came at Eli Manning with a full-on blitz he was somehow able to escape a charging Adalius Thomas and throw the ball downfield. David Tyree made a ridiculous catch (partly with his helmet!) while falling to the ground. This wasn't just a great individual highlight, it was a great moment of teamwork and set the stage for the Giants to ultimately defeat the Patriots.

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