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Many people all over the world use fishing as a source of food. It can be a large part of a region's economy, and is a very important practice for millions of people. However, fishing can also be a recreational sport.

Fishing anywhere: The great thing about fishing is that you can do it just about anywhere. Whether you live near the ocean, a lake, river or even just a brook or creek, you can go fishing. Depending on the type of water, you can catch very different types of fish by using a variety of equipment.

Fresh water: In America, many lakes, rivers and streams are fresh water. The most common fish in these bodies of water are trout, bass, catfish and pike.

Salt water: While the ocean is obviously salt water, several rivers and coastal waterways are also great places to catch salt water fish. Fishermen catch fish swimming along the shore, as well as hundreds of miles out at sea. In shallow waters, many salt water fisherman catch bluefish, stripes and flounder. In deeper waters, you might be able to catch tuna, swordfish and more.

Sport fishing: Sport fishing is any type of fishing that is done recreationally. Many fishermen make their living by catching and selling fish. Others fish for fun or competition. Competitive fishing is a popular event that happens all over the world. Fishermen use different strategies and knowledge of the water to try and catch the biggest fish.

Fly fishing: One great example of sport fishing is fly fishing. This is a method that is common along rivers and streams. Fly fishers will tie an artificial fly to the end of their line. They then cast the line just above the water, moving the fly so it looks like its flying around on its own. Under the water, fish will see the fly and try to eat it. That's when the fisherman catches the fish. Fly fishing is considered the most difficult form of fishing. It takes so much skill to be able to correctly cast the fly to attract the attention of a fish. Fly fisherman will work for years and years to improve their skills.

Deep sea fishing: One of the most exciting forms of fishing is deep sea fishing. This is when a boat carries fishermen way out into the ocean, where the water is more than 100 feet deep. Using strong, hi-tech rods and reels, deep sea fishermen try to catch some of the largest fish in the ocean. Using smaller fish as bait, they look for tuna, swordfish, sharks or other deep sea fish. It takes a lot of strength and skill to handle the heavy fishing poles, and catch big fish heavy fish.

Whether you are simply using a thin fishing pole with a worm as bait down at your local brook, or cruising through the ocean looking for an 8-foot tuna, fishing can be a relaxing, enjoyable sport. From the first time they catch a fish on their own, most sport fishermen are hooked.

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