Action Packed

Southern California certainly saw its fair share of action sports this past weekend. From July 30-August 2, over 111,000 fans gathered into two Los Angeles venues to check out the world's best action sports athletes at X Games 15.

The event did not disappoint. These huge crowds witnessed amazing stunts and performances, including some tricks that had never before been completed.

Here are some of the highlights:

Gold medalist from down under: Even though the X Games have always taken place in the United States, action sports are beginning to get a global following. Blake Williams, who is from Australia, won the gold medal in the Moto X Freestyle event. He is the first non-American athlete to win gold in the event. Williams also won a silver medal for best trick in the event, adding to his popularity overseas. Throughout the course of the game, Williams had an Australian TV crew following him around as he competed. His success means that in the future, fans will likely be seeing more and more action sports stars from around the globe.

Jake Brown: Williams wasn't the only Australian taking a gold medal back home. Jake Brown, a pro skater for 12 years, won first place in the Big Air skateboarding competition. For Brown, the gold medal came after several years of near misses. He won the silver in 2006 and 2007 and the bronze in 2008. Even after those disappointments, Brown continued to work hard and was able to win a gold medal.

A Moto X three-peat: Superstar Kyle Loza won his third-straight gold medal for best trick in the Moto X event. Loza is known as an innovator of the sport and at X Games 15, he performed a trick that no one had ever done before! All of Kyle's training and hard work paid off, when the X Games judges recognized his efforts by awarding him the gold.

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