Luke's Mailbag 5

Q: What is your favorite play in baseball? Ben from Massachusetts
A: Hi Ben, thanks for your question! My favorite play in baseball is the double-play. Double-plays require a lot of teamwork and focus. They're really exciting to watch! Throwing out two batters in one play isn't easy, and fielders have to be extra quick with their throws. A lot of practice goes into the double-play, and on the field it shows!

Q: Who won the Little League World Series this year? Homer from Texas
A: Hi Homer! The team from Chula Vista, California won the Little League World Series this year. They played the Chinese Taipei team in the International Championship Game, coming back to win 6-3. Man, what a game! I was lucky enough to be at the Little League World Series this year and had a chance to watch both teams play in the preliminary rounds. Not only do these guys work incredibly hard on the field, they're a lot of fun to hang around too!

Q: Is it fun being a reporter? Jill from Pennsylvania
A: Jill, being the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes® Earn Your StripesTM Reporter is amazing! I've had the opportunity to travel all over the country and meet kids like you who are out there working hard to eat right and Earn Your StripesTM. From Award Shorts to the Youth Achievement Award at the ESPYs Breakfast to the 2009 Little League World Series, I've truly enjoyed it! It's been a great experience, and a ton of fun-I've learned a lot too!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? Megan from California
A: Megan, I really like to play sports with my friends in my free time. Whether it's pick-up basketball or playing catch with my brother, I always love doing something active outdoors. I play on my high school football team, and find that if I am active outside and eat right it really helps me take my game to the next level.

Q: What is your favorite college football team? Hannah from Delaware
A: Hannah, tough question! I love watching college football and there are so many great teams out there to choose from! I like watching Florida because they gel so well as a team and Tim Tebow is such an amazing leader on and off the field. If I have to choose one team to watch, I'd choose my home state team of Illinois. It's great getting behind your home team and rooting for them. I hope they have a great year!

Q: Which sport do you like better, tennis or soccer? Layla from Michigan
A: Great question Layla! Both sports are pretty cool, but if you're forcing me to pick I'd have to say I like soccer better. Playing soccer is so much fun, and great exercise! It's great playing on a team and working to achieve a common goal. Tennis is fun too, and I really love watching the pros play on television. There are some great competitors out there!

Q: Have you ever played ice hockey? Are you a good skater? Leo from Toronto
A: I have played ice hockey, Leo! Being from Toronto, I bet you have too! I really enjoy playing hockey, though I have to admit it isn't my best sport. During the winter, sometimes my friends and I go to the rink to play in pickup games, which is a ton of fun!

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